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Melinda Laituri

The Secondary Cities Initiative: Ensuring Data Integrity for Complex Geospatial Projects

Data integrity is essential for data sharing and access by multiple users.  The Secondary Cities (2C) Initiative is a field-based initiative to map resiliency, human security, and emergency preparedness. Secondary cities are fast-growing urban areas experiencing unplanned growth and development. These cities are unique environments that provide regional services and are hubs of governance, transportation, and/or economies. Secondary cities are generally are poorly mapped and under examined. The 2C Initiative spans the globe with 10 projects demonstrating partnerships between universities, government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through promoting participatory mapping and data collection using open source tools, software and platforms. Critical to this project is data integrity built upon sound scientific approaches, comprehensive ethic framework, a common metadata structure, and quality assurance/quality control practices. This presentation will describe the context and implementation of assuring data integrity in the 2C Initiative. Examples from 2C projects are provided that demonstrate the application of data integrity practices and innovation.


Earlier Event: October 5
Later Event: October 5
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